Saturday, June 30, 2012

Birthday Faerie for Mom!!!

Hello to everyone!

Well hello humans on this earth... How has your day been? Good I hope, cause mine has been filled with no electricity and lots of rain. I am very happy because this week was my mother's birthday! Yay for my mommy! If you have no clue who I am talking about, my mom is Julia.  You probably know her, and if you don't, check out her blogs Paper and Scraps Creations and/or Me and Myself in the Dark.  She is an amazing crafter, and it is because of her that I began crafting.  So why not craft her a birthday card, right? Well although I am 4 days late (since she gave me no time to work on the card) to make the card, I finished it today and gave it to her and another part of the birthday celebration.

It is not a card, its a small poster.  The background in the card is made from canvas paper, which I cut into four pieces and completely hand painted them green using four different techniques.  Here is the first part of the project:

The upper left corner was made with using normal green acrylic paint with splashes of white and black mixed into it, following a left to right motion with the brush.  The upper right was finger painted into the canvas paper, using the white and black to create depth in the green image.  The lower right was made by pressing the brush quickly along the paper to create more of a blurry color mixture.  The last part, the lower left side was made by using a smaller brush, moving it in a circular motion (as if you were writing a J to the opposite direction, using more black and white into the green mix.  Once the paint in canvas paper dried completely, the corners tend to curl, so taking the correct measurements, I glued it to some cardstock and continued making the card, here is my finished project:

The image used is another image from Sureya, her name is the Little Leaf Faerie.  The flowers are 3 layers of the same .png image from Glitterbabe Greetings and they are colored with Spectrum Noir Bright pens and normal markers.

I would like to place this card in the following challenges:

Sentimental Sundays- Cute and Girly
Paper make up stamps- Challenge 42

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Pixie Smile

Hello to everyone!

Well hey guys, I've had ideas lately but everything was put on hold since my computer died this week.  Not much I can do without a computer, so now I have to be using family members computers while I get a new one before college begins in August.  So well guys, you're not here to listen to my problems, you're are here for a great project!!  Well, here it is.  I made a simple design for a great image from Sureya in Devianart, her name is The Lotus Princess.  It's a simple card, only using the image, a pink ribbon and some bling. 

I would like to place this card in the following challenge:
Lady Coral

Monday, June 11, 2012

My nights encounter...

Hello to everyone.

I have decided to participate in a a few challenges with a little twist.  I said in my first post that I make paintings (as in using acrylic paint and canvases) but I haven't created any yet for challenges.  I have a few, but am saving them for challenge opportunities, so why not put this one up today, fresh.  I made this using only black and blue in the night sky; black, white and brown in the tree; green and black in the grass; and white for the clouds.  I decided to keep them simple in the color department, because then it would be to difficult to mix them again if I ran out of color.  I will try to make better pictures without the flash, but it is late in the night, and it is the only light I have. Well, here is my creation:

I would also like to place my creation in the following challenges:

Gracias,Lady C.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Blog Hop Winners :)

Hello to Everyone.

Originally I was not going to put the tin up for a prize, but seeing how people understood the post as if the tin was the prize, I decided why not.  Knowing myself, the tin would be in a corner and I would forget about it and someone else would like it more than myself, so instead of one winner.... There will be two.  One winner, the first, will win the Altered Tin.  The second winner will win the original prize: The Tim Holtz Idea-ology HALLOWEEN ADORNMENTS.  I put all the names in a little tin can and put the names in papers, the winners are:

Congrats! The first pick was Steph, making you the winner of the Altered Tin.  Congratulations.  Second pick was Wendy, and you win the adornments.  Please email me at for the addresses.

Lady Coral

Monday, June 4, 2012

Smeared Inks: "Skull Appreciation Day" Blog Hop

Welcome to all.

The dead have risen to bring this skull inspired blog hop for June 4th and we, the bloggers, are happy to bring our creations to them.  Grab your shovels, make sure your head doesn't fall off, cause this Blog Hop will bring you closer to the dead than you'll ever expect to be.

Today, June 4th, the dead will rise from the grave at 9:00am PST and be among the living until for the day, hopping from blog to blog to see the magnificently deadly creations from each and every blogger in the list below.  Did you hop one to many? Leave a hand behind?  No problem.  You can go back Terra's graveyard, where it all began, and hop until you reach where you are suppose to be.  To be here, you must have hopped from Nydia's graveyard.

There are incredible gifts along the way too.  You lost a hand? An eye? A leg? There's a chance one of the prior or upcoming graveyards have the right fit for you if you win their prizes.  You never know, participate!

Without further ado, my undead creation:

Image from: Smeared Ink

The words of the skulls speak to me, they say: 
"One who posts and follows you.... may win me"

So here you go guys, one lucky person will win my skull... Well, not my skull,  but a skull, that is mine..... Yeah, you know what I mean. Follow me and comment for a chance to win. Here is the gift one lucky person will win:

Well guys, thanks for stopping by.  Please hold on to your hands, legs and ears.  I am not held responsible for any missing body parts.  Ready, set.... Hop! Next graveyard: Suzi

Blog Hop List:

Black Dragon
Lady Brayton
Smudger Challenge
Glittery Katie
Ms. Ruin
Bombshell Stamps Blog
*Lady Coral*
Scrapbook Stamp Society

I would also like to place my creation in the following challenges:
Lady C.